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Nord Expé Guides :

All the members of our professional snowmobile guide crew are first aid course graduated and are specialized in remote region cross-country snowmobile expedition guidance. They all fit to the strict Nord Expe Quality charter. 
They are all of them certified level IV guides*
Former competitors but overall winners on ski-doo, they are known and recognized in the snowmobile industry.

*The off-road vehicules guide certificate is a new course built by a commission involving tourism ministry, transportation ministry and Quebec tourism human resources council. The level obtained (I up to IV) is a picture of the expertise, the experience and the abilities of the guide. This grade fit to the difficulty grade of the rally or snowmobile expedition that the guide is allowed to lead on or out of the snowmobile trails.
The difficulty of the ride tells the ratio (guides Vs rider) we must apply and grade of the guides.
All of our guides are certified Grade IV that is the higher level.

The founders of ‘’Nord Expé’’ are Pierre Challier and Chrystel Martin.

Chrystel-MartinChrystel MARTIN

Chrystel has tested all the snowmobile rally’s with the guides. Able to inform you regarding your stay, she will be able to give you the best snowmobile circuit that fit your needs. Chrystel also welcomes you to the log cabin ‘’Adventures Nord Expé”, a Bed and Breakfeat,  all year long.

See you soon, during your stay in our cabin….


pierrePierre CHALLIER

Graduated level IV snomowbile guide


Pierre CHALLIER guides snowmobile tours in Québec and Labrador since 1999, former fighter navigator on fighter aircraft, first aid course titular, he is also an instructor in survival courses. Leader of an expedition for a record around Labrador in 2003, he learns at every sortie which he wants unique.


Dave-ThomassinDave THOMASSIN

Graduated level IV snomowbile guide

Competitor in Out trails snowmobile Rally (Harricana, Challenge Kanada) in a winner team, Dave is now specialized in organisation of expedition for collecting funds for humanitarian organisations. Outstanding technician, and excellent navigation, Dave is the Expert among the Experts. Dave is the guy who find the good way, and always with the smile…



Francois-PARADISFrançois PARADIS

Graduated level IV snomowbile guide

Captain of the Winns Xtend  team multiple winner of the Harricana snowmobile endurance race, François the pointer from the pointers during extreme expeditions.
Involved from 2003 to 2007 in Northern snowmobile expedition for caritative fund relieve, François wants now to transfer his knowledge and passion for snowmobile crosscountry expeditions.
Expert in Side Hilling and  Hillclimb François would be your guide for mountain riding.


Graduated level IV snomowbile guide

With is titanesque power and his extreme kindness, Dany is specialized in the long run expeditions. Very good cook, Dany became famous in 2008 with a remarkable participation in the race Of Cain Quest in the Labrador.
His territory is located from Baie Comeau (Quebec North shore up to Nunavik)
Snowmobile guide but also fishing and hunting guide, whatever the difficulties, Dany will take care of you during the ride and will cook delectable Quebec meals for your supper.


Jeff-GAGNONJean-François GAGNON

Graduated level IV snomowbile guide

Tenacious snowmobile guide and very expert, Jeff was the guide in charge of logistics and mechanics during the snowmobile expedition which allowed to the Innuits from Nunavik   joining Quebec since Kuujjuak for the 400th Anniversary of the City. Its favorite territory is  Charlevoix but its versatility allows it to be very comfortable in unknown terrain.




Jean-Charles-FORTINJean-Charles FORTIN

Graduated level IV snomowbile guide

Project leader for many outdoor expeditions around the world, Jean-Charles is the teacher for the Guide VHR certificate in Quebec
Project keeper at the LERPA (outdoor activities research and expertise Laboratory) at UQAC, J-Charles may teach you a lot in survival, nature, photo and snowmobile…
Able to build logistics for far north expeditions and pedagogic projects J-Charles would give you the ability to ride in all conditions of snow in full safety.
•    His main territory is located from Saguenay Lac St Jean to Charlevoix.

All our snowmobile adventure taking place in native Cree region are guided by Cree Native Graduated level IV snomowbile guide.


Our services

We offer pre-planned adventures, but our speciality is the on measure and « a la carte » service: the one week tour with your family, to the full organization of a one month Northern expedition in Labrador… We ride in regions « forgotten » by the bigger tour operators and groups; we give favour to local culture, wilderness and scenic view. Tell us your arrival time and we will be pleased to welcome you at the airport.

We also offer initiation excursions starting from half a day, through a responsible a safe approach, which will give you the autonomy in this activity.

Before and after the winter season (December and April) we ride in the north (Labrador and James Bay), so if you are tempted by the adventure, contact us…

If you want to ride a specific snowmobile model, tell it, we will find it.

On request, we can provide courses in survival, map compass and GPS course, fishing, trapping, in the limit of your imagination… For your group or your family, we can organize and guide you in multi-activities (skiing, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing….) relaxation or culture.

Our clients

Novices, to experts in snowmobiles disappointed by the biggest specialized companies, they are looking for authenticity, proficiency and personalized service. Our clients become often friends but are in all the case and overall our adventure partners. 

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