Usefull informations

    1. we provide for the snowmobile
    2. You have to bring for your snowmobile trip
    3. Information
    4. Trails rules
    5. In case of damage
    • Riding a snowmobile requests a good health, this activity is open to everybody from the   age of 21 for the pilot titular of a renting contract.
    • You have to show your driving licence during the renting, in case of a police check on a   trail you have to have it with you.
    • If you are French, Belgian or Swiss, you valid passport is sufficient no visa requested.
    • A credit card (Visa, MasterCard -we don’t accept AMEX) will be necessary for the caution deposit need for the snowmobile renting. Credit card is the most current payment mode, but you should need a few Canadians Dollars for drinks along the trails.
    • We recommend checking with your insurance agent if your contract covers the motorised   recreation activities in Canada, if not you should add temporarily this guaranty for a few   money.

    Visa is the most currents credit card in the Quebec region.

    Equipments :

    Crossing regularly the colder regions in Quebec and Labrador, we use brand new and fitted to an extreme use equipment.


 manteau  salopette  botte
Snowmobile Coat  Snowmobile suit Snowmobile waterproof boots
 mouffle  casque-NordExpe  sac-transport
Mitains or gloves Snowmobile helmet (modular, snowcross or open face type) Waterproof bag


sousvetement-haut sousvetement-bas bas
 Synthetics underlayer  Synthetics Long john synthetics socks
pantalon gants tuque
trousers gloves hat
soulier sacdos camera
light shoes shock proof camera bag Camera in a sandwich bag
sangle plug
sandows straps electric 110v-60Hz adaptor
    • Warm pull over (polar) without cotton
    • A moistering cream, sunglasses, lipstick
    • Personal medicine

    And, for an out trail expedition :

couteau thermos lampe
multifonctions tool  Stainless Thermos  headlight
    • A very low temperature sleeping bag (if you have it already)
    • A watertight bag 100 litters, or a backpack with a strong plastic bag inside


    Electric power :

    Electric power supply : 110 volts/60 HZ

    Jet lag :

    6 hours (When it’s 12.00 in Québec, its 6.00 PM in Europe) (maritime EST)

    Climate :

    During winter, temperature can be -20°c to -35°c, but it is very dry and easy to endure. The equipments are designed for extreme conditions. Your snowmobile is fitted with hand warmers, and the pilots are well protected and warmed by the engine heat. Physic activity requested for the riding create thermal energy and as soon as we stop along the trip we take hot drinks. In fact. Cold is rarely a problem !

    Camera and video recorder :

    During the colder days, we advise you to bring it in your coat to beneficiate to the body warm, carry extra battery.

    Tips :

    It a rule in Canada to pay the service as 15% of the bill (add the two taxes to calculate easily the tip)

    The controls

    The way to control it is the same as the way to ride a moped. When the engine runs on idle, snowmobile doesn’t move. When we push on the throttle lever (with the right hand thumb), a centrifuge clutch drive the track. When we brake, with the left hand fingers we slow down or stop the track, depending on the way we press

Les commandes de la motoneige

snowmobile controls


Canadian province has a network of groomed and signalled trails. Quebec is famous for the high quality of its trails groomed and monitored by voluntaries of the clubs from the FCMQ Federation (Quebec snowmobile clubs association) (lien web) with a part of the payment of the federal trail pass (sticker).

The net is divided in

  • Provincial trails (transquébec) (blue signals)
  • Regional trails (green signals)
  • Local trails rarely named but well marked and written in yellow on the snowmobile trail maps

Every trail has a number and a sense (North South East West) as roads in North America. We can find safety signals (stop, tight curve, steep hill, ice, crossing…) that we must observe for the safety of everybody and the serenity of this activity.

Police Quebec security and accredited federation patrols are in charge of the rule respect by preventive and repressive actions.

In case of a check you should show :

  • a car driving licence
  • the renting contract
  • the registration card of the snowmobile
  • the trail pass receipt and sticker

In case of a stop, if you have to get far from your snowmobile (restaurant, refuelling…) you have to remove the ignition key of it. Put it always in the same pocket.

On the groomed trails, speed limit is 70 Km/h

Safety :

Application of the common sense is enough to every licenced car driver to have a safe and legal behaviour.
Alcohol drinks are prohibited during the driving day, (yours guide should help you to remind it) you would make up for lost time on the evening.
Apply sufficient spacing between each snowmobile
Get on the right side of the trail
Get on the very right side of the trail
In order to communicate efficiently, following signs are standardised in Canada between snowmobilers :

Bras étiré à la verticale et main ouverte. Dans certaines circonstances le signal d'ARRÊT peut être fait avec le bras droit, entre autres lorsque la main gauche sert à actionner les freins. Incliner le bras gauche vers le bas le long du corps et effectuer un mouvement de  battement de main en guise d’avertissement. Le bras gauche est tendu à l’horizontale
STOP:Left Arm raised from the shoulder and extended straight up over the head RIGHT with palm of hand flat. Slow down:Left Arm extended out and down from the side of the body, with a downward flapping motion of hand to signal warning or caution. Left turn:Left Arm extended straight out from shoulder and pointing in the direction of the turn.
e bras gauche à l’horizontale, l’avant bras à la verticale formant un angle de 90° Le bras gauche montre le poing fermé Le bras gauche tendu vers le haut, oscillant d’avant en arrière, ou on indique à l’aide des doigts le nombre de motoneiges qui suivent (limité à 5 et pour les pilotes qui portent des gants uniquement).
Right turn:Left Arm raised at shoulder height, elbow bent and forearm vertical with palm of hand flat. Last sled in line:Left Arm raised at shoulder height, elbow bent and forearm vertical with hand clenched in a fist. SLED following:Left Arm raised, elbow bent, with thumb pointing backward. In hitchhiking motion, move arm forward to backward over your shoulder.


The renter, Nord Expé Inc., have an insurance in civilian liability (1 000 000$ can) which pays damage occured to a third party.

When you make a deposit of 1000$ to 2000$ depending on the snowmobile model, and when you sign the renting contract you are engaged to pay damages to the snowmobile in the maximum of 1500$ to 3000$ depending on the model.

Examples :

You break awindshield (XS frame of BRP SKI DOO) the mount of repairs is around 200$ taxes included, the renter will refund your caution deposit minus 200$.

Our mission is to provide you the most pleasant trip, so we will ask you to keep all the time the control of your snowmobile, for your own safety and the one of the other users, even little damages are expensive, and put a bad touch on the souvenir of the holidays, it is always avoidable.

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