Raids and Expedition for Enduro Motorcycle

For motorcycle enthusiasts : the Great North road in KTM

KTM EXC 450 and 530 prepared for this type of expedition.

Attention : places are limited…

Moto KTM Moto KTM

You are an enduro biker with good technique and able to ride 5-8 hours in all conditions:

  • Set off for a unique enduro raid in the Canadian landscapes between the Boreal Forest, taiga and tundra from Quebec and Labrador.
  • Trails, tracks, crossing of forests, rivers, eskers, mountains and even some quagmires. Difficulties guaranteed and out-of-the-ordinary encounters are very likely. …
  • A raid made of about 1600 kilometres with trucks for assistance.

More info : Formulaire de demande d’Information Request Form

You are a biker with no particular technique wishing to live an adventure in the great Canadian spaces :

  • Come travel through the Canadian vastness on the unique dirt track of more than 1400 kilometres linking Quebec to Labrador’s extreme east.
    Visit of the iron mines, the world’s most powerful power dams, black bears, caribou and northern lights.
  • Possibility of making the complete tour of Labrador by taking the ship that serves the communities of Lower North Shore. And thus come back by seaway towards Quebec.

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