13 days trough Inuit lands
Torngat Mountains-Labrador-Nunavik Quebec

13 days crosscountry snowmobiling from Labrador city inbound Nain Labrador then heading to Kangiksualujjuak, via the Torngat mountains, crossing the Kururjjuak natural park.

his expedition will plunge you into the frozen country of Nunavik, the Great North of Quebec, an Arctic region situated north of the 55th parallel. You’ll pilot your snowmobile off trails from Labrador City all the way to Ungava Bay, with restorative stops along the way, including a day of rest and exploration in the Inuit village of Nain, which sits on the shores of the Labrador Sea. Utterly sublime landscapes await; you’ll stand in awe before terrain shaped by relentless glaciation and volcanic activity and vegetation tortured by the intense cold. Here, the power of winter’s grip is beyond comprehension for those who have never been. Encounters with the wildlife endemic to the region, magnificently adapted to thrive in the world’s most extreme climate, will surprise and delight as you experience this, the adventure of a lifetime.

  • 13 days of off-trail snowmobiling in the boreal taiga and arctic tundra
  • 2 iconic regions of the Great Canadian North : Labrador and Nunavik;
  • Ice floes, fjords, visits to Torngat Mountains and Kuururjuaq National Parks;
  • Top-notch equipment and support from professionals experiences in expeditions to remote regions.
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Départs et prix
  • Lieu de départ
    Lieu d'arrivée
  • Montreal
    Sunday, 25 March 2018
  • 15 days 14 nights
  • 2700 km km
  • BRP Skidoo Expedition LE 900 ACE
  • Adept
  • Solo
  • Jour 1

    Day 1
    Arrival in Wabush
    (Labrador city)

  • After flying over the white expanses that stretch continuously west from the Atlantic, your plane will touch down in Wabush, Labrador. Airport welcome and transfer to your hotel in Labrador City. Meet with your professional snowmobiling guides for a security briefing, expedition preparations, and equipment outfitting.

  • Jour 2

    Day 2
    Labrador city-Schefferville
    280km snowmobiling

  • After a restful night in the comfort of your hotel room, step out into the breathtaking cold of the great white north. Once last minute preparations and the outlining of driving guidelines are completed, you’ll hop onto your snowmachine to depart for Schefferville, a former mining town which, since the closure of the iron mine in 1980, has seen its population drop from 4500 inhabitants to only 300 souls. Situated on Naskapi and Innu territory, the population in the area is of principally First Nations origins. No roads lead to Schefferville apart from a railroad that stretches 500 km to the town of Sept-Îles. Enjoy a nourishing lunch near Esker, the midway point between Labrador City and Schefferville. The afternoon will be devoted to the crossing of frozen Lake Menihek. All day long, you’ll traverse quintessentially nordic landscapes, a desert of pure white, the taiga : last refuge of native woodland caribou and wolves. Arrive to Shefferville at the end of the day.


  • Jour 3

    Day 3
    Schefferville-Twin River
    250 km snowmobiling

  • Today’s itinerary will have you floating on crisp powder along the contours of the DePas River all the way to the George River, well known as the territory of a famous caribou herd. Each year, the herd crosses this powerful body of water to reach their winter stomping grounds.

  • Jour 4

    Day 4
    Twin River-Dihourse Lake
    150 km snowmobiling

  • Today, you’ll continue your discovery of the backcountry as you make your way through the boreal taiga toward the plateau near Nain and the vast Arctic tundra. Enjoy a well-deserved lunch while gazing out on the most immaculate expanses, and settle into your bivouac beside Dihourse Lake.

  • Jour 5

    Day 5
    Dihourse-Nain Labrador
    200km snowmobiling

  • Today’s itinerary will steer you back toward civilization. You’ll pilot your snowmobile beside the deep and narrow trench of the Fraser River and beyond the Pearly Gates pass (a unique geological intrusion) before glimpsing the rooftops of Nain and the surrounding ice floes at the end of the day. Settle in at Nain for two nights

  • Jour 6

    Day 6
    Discover Nain comunity

  • This day will be more low-key than the others : you’ll discover Nain, the northernmost village of Labrador, accessible to the world only by air or sea. There are no roads connecting this Inuit village of 1000 to other communities. Take advantage of the quiet day to rest up and prepare for the second exciting leg of your snowmobiling expedition!

  • Jour 7

    Day 7
    250 km snowmobiling

  • Well-rested and refreshed, you’ll drive toward Hebron. Once the northernmost settlement in Labrador and a site of great historical and cultural significance, Hebron is today an abandoned village. The inhabitants of this Moravian mission established in 1831 were relocated to Nain by the Government of Canada in 1955. Once back aboard your snow machine, you’ll zoom along the frozen ice pack, zigzagging between islands with towering cliffsides and gazing in awe at dramatic coastlines and the Torngat mountain range, home to Eastern Canada’s highest summit, Mont d’Iberville. Settle into your bivouac at the end of the day.

  • Jour 8

    Day 8
    Hebron-Kuururjjuak Park
    200 km snowmobiling

  • Impressive ice floes and magnificent bays will be the backdrop as you make your way toward Kuururjuaq National Park and the Koroc River, which, along with Mont d’Iberville, is the premier attraction of this 4400 km2 protected territory. As veritable oasis, the Koroc Valley shelters a rich forest of black spruce and tamarack, vegetation so rare in Arctic latitudes, a world shaped by minerals and an arid climate.

  • Jour 9

    Day 9
    Kuururjjuak Park-Kangiksualujjuak
    130 km snowmobiling

  • To reach Kangiksualujjuaq, better known by its English name, George River, you’ll drive due west toward Ungava Bay. As usual, lunch will be savoured while taking in grandiose landscapes that only the Arctic can offer. You’ll arrive in Kangiksualujjuaq in the afternoon and will settle in for two nights in a local inn

  • Jour 10

    Day 10
    Discover Kangiksualujjuak

  • This day will be devoted to the discovery of this unique arctic village, an Inuit hamlet surrounded by mountains and offering the most spectacular views of the George River. You’ll vist Torngat Mountains National Park, where you’ll get to meet and chat with locals. As in Nain, this stage in your journey, the northermost of the expedition, will be an opportunity for rest and restoration before you head out for the last thrilling steps of your expedition.

  • Jour 11

    Day 11to Day 14
    870 km snowmobiling

  • For four days of averaging 200 km each, you’ll float over unforgettable frozen landscapes to finally reach the original point of departure of your extraordinary expedition in the north of Nunavik and Labrador. Your route will take you back along the shores of the powerful George River via Helen Fall, Pyramid Mountains, the DePas River, and Menihek Lake, all the way to Labrador City. You’ll sleep once more in a bivouac at the Wedge Hills lodge (230 km Kangiksualujjuaq) and experience the adventure of Poulailler prospector’s camp (200 km from Wedge Hills) before returning to the comforts of the Hotel Royal in Schefferville (140 km from Poulailler) and the Two Seasons Inn in Labrador City (300 km from Schefferville).

  • Jour 12

    Day 15
    Wabush Airport to return flight

  • After a delicious breakfast in the comfort of your hotel, you will transfer to Wabush Airport to board your flight home… to the south!



  • Transfers Wabush Airport / Labrador City D1 and D7;
  • All meals from breakfast of day 2 to breakfast of day 8;
  • 14 nights of accommodations: 2 nights in Labrador city, 2 nights in Schefferville, 2 nights in Nain, 2 nights in George River, 6 nights in rustic camp and bivouac;
  • 13 days guided solo snowmobiling adventure – BRP Expedition 900 cc 4 stroke, prepared for northern expedition;
  • Snowmobile equipment: helmet, two-piece extreme cold-weather gear (jacket and bib pants), mittens, High Tech balaclava and boots;
  • Sleeping bag and fleece lining;
  • Waterproof bag for your personal effects;
  • 2 Professional snowmobiling guide for the duration of your adventure (maximum 10 snowmobiles solo);
  • Guide’s equipment include : satellite telephone, GPS SPOT tracker, first aid kit and survival equipment;
  • General organization and fuel depot by air;
  • Positionning a replacement snowmobile in Labrador City;
  • Guide and activities mentionned in Kangikualujjuaq;
  • Civil liability insurance;
  • Right of access to FCMQ-federated trails;
  • Canadian taxes (including accommodations taxes and service fees);

    • International flight and domestic flight to Wabush
    • Increase in fuel if more than 15% on 2018 January 1
    • Security deposit of $ 1,000 for a maximum liability of $ 3,000 CDN / snowmobile
    • Luggage handling
    • Personal expenses and alcoholic beverage
    • Tips for guides
    • Personal insurance (medical and repatriation)