Northern Canada Snowmobile Expedition

A specialty of Nord Expé, the snowmobile expedition in Canada’s Far North represents the adventure of a lifetime. This authentic experience of real adventure will make you a full-fledged team member throughout the expedition. This Nordic Adventure is for all those who want to excel by discovering virgin and rare territories and who agree to go out of their comfort zone to reach a higher level. You will be accompanied by certified training guides, former race winners who will make you expert pilots in snowmobile driving in all snow during the first two days of the adventure. When we want, we ….do!


6 Days snowmobile trip From Labrador city

Departure from: Montreal

Difficulty level: Sport level
Trek type: Solo
Snowmobile type: SKIDOO 900/850 cc
1 departure
Totaly refreshing snowmobile trip, 6 days of authentic adventure on the watershed between Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Mountains and Northern lights. On the line between Quebec and Labrador.

Guided Snowmobile Expedition in Northern Canada

Departure from: Quebec

Difficulty level: First experience
Trek type: Solo
Snowmobile type: skidoo Expedition LE 900cc ACE
1 departure
On the program: Caniapiscau, Georges River, Nain Plateau, Labrador Ice