Electrically assisted mountain bike

Rental of electric-assist mountain bikes at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu in La Malbaie

Rent your bike in La Malbaie at Nord Expé, Manoir Richelieu de Charlevoix - available from May 10 to October 31.

Discover the pleasures of mountain biking with ease with our Rocky Mountain Electric-Assisted Mountain Bike rental service, available at our Experience location at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu in La Malbaie.

Take advantage of electric power to conquer Charlevoix’s most demanding trails, or simply discover La Malbaie’s many tourist attractions.

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Our fleet of electrically-assisted mountain bikes is of the Enduro type and will delight the most demanding cyclists. These comfortable, high-performance bikes will also enable novices to enjoy a relaxing discovery ride around La Malbaie on the roads and trails along the river. With adjustable power assistance and unrivalled autonomy, electric bikes are an ideal family activity, allowing all participants to progress at the same speed, whatever their level.

For the more sporty or adventurous, Les Sources joyeuses trails are 6km away via the multi-functional trail that starts at the Manoir Richelieu. Trail map: Les Sources Joyeuses

Electric mountain bike rental

RENTAL PERIOD : 2 hours, 1/2 day (AM 8:00 to 12:00 or PM 1:00 à 5:00), daily rental
*May 10 to October 31

Prices start at: 2 hours 1/2 day day
Rental only 79$+Tx 109$+Tx 169$+Tx
Guided hikes N/A 219$+Tx 299$+Tx

* Altitude Powerplay A50/A70 models
* Deductible (deductible $5,000 Cad)
* Late fee of $20 + tx per 15 minutes

Size guide :
Small :157-170 cm 5’2’-5’7’’
Medium : 167-177.5 cm 5’6’’-5’10’’
Large : 175-190 cm 5’9’’-6’3’’


  • Helmet and protective gloves


  • 750$ security deposit (maximum liability in case of at-fault breakage or theft: $5000)

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