Training and formation for snowmobile experts

Snowmobile stalemate recovery training

Snowmobile security, prevention and coaching

This course is built for guides, faun technicians, communication technicians who have to travel by snowmobile in and out of trails, sometimes in far region. It gives the skills to upgrade safety, quality and output.

The differents points met are :

  • check up, current maintenance
  • equipements
  • laws
  • out of trails riding
  • how to unstuck, in snow, slush
  • emergency repair, towing
  • management and leading of a sortie (briefing, leading)

Already built, our courses are designed to fit to different type of organisations and workers. Contact us for a custom proposal.

We built a diagnostic about: assets, formations, procedures of your organisation post courses.

Training organization certificate: 0059125

Many companies using the snowmobile for business purposes have already adopted our label certifying their snowmobile operators under the preventive health and safety including: BORALEX, GOLDER Minerals, Laval University, Hydro Québec, fire stations….