FAQ • Snowmobile raid and tour in Québec, Canada

Where can I rent a snowmobile in Quebec?

Our Quebec snowmobile rental center (Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval) is located in the countryside 30 minutes north of downtown Quebec City, it allows you to enjoy a short, Quality experience, it’s say without crossing a road or driving under power lines. From the first minute of your snowmobile ride will take place in a natural setting.

Where can I find a snowmobile rental center in Charlevoix?

Our Skidoo experience center in Charlevoix is ​​located at the Fairmont Manoir Richelieu in La Malbaie, at the hotel’s multi-sport center, it is accessible to everyone, whether or not a Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu vacationer is staying.

Do you offer snowmobile clothing rentals?

Whether in our snowmobile rental center in Quebec or Charlevoix, we provide you with all the essential snowmobile equipment (helmets, balaclava, gloves, overalls, jacket, boots)

Is my driver’s license valid?

Yes, if it is translated into French or English

I fear that the snowmobile tour is too sporty for me, how do you know if this snowmobile adventure is really for me?

We make no suggestion snowmobiling adventure in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada without first discussing with you about your expectations , your sports profile and that of your teammates. It is based on the information that we make suggestions travel raid or snowmobile expedition .

Are we allowed to swap positions driver/passenger during the ride?

Yes, at every stops, you may change , the person in charge of the controls has to be 18 or 21 (depend rental only or guided tour) and driver licenced.

My wife has apprehension at the thought of driving a snowmobile , is not it too difficult or physical ?

Except in the case of disability, or marked aversion to this type of activity , everyone can drive a snowmobile after a course with us. We have guided women in all regions , even the northern and it has never caused any problems. These are often more effective because more responsive than men to the instructions !

What is your equipement and and requirements ?

  • We made the choice to take all that is best in snowmobile (equipment , snowmobiles , guides, locations, stages, bio- oil Esther … ) and position ourselves on high quality and luxury services to offering it to people around the world in search of excellence. Many Quebeckers are calls to our services, with or without snowmobile rental with us to arrange shipment in the best conditions and be guided by champions of endurance races.
  • We are the only company to offer routes in wild and regulated spaces ( Faunal reserves) and boreal regions (James Bay Eeyou Istshee , Labrador ) for which we have exclusive partnerships .
  • All our machines are specially adapted , modified or prepared for the type of course , and all our guides ( white or Autoctones ) VHR are certified at the highest level (IV) and they have experiences to pass on to you .
    In our snowmobile adventures ( raids or expeditions ) we start with redundant communication satellite systems and navigation aids last generation , with ongoing monitoring to our offices and service of air support .
  • We are one of the few companies that have all permits , insurance and accreditation to practice in Canada respecting the rights of consumers and the highest quality standards in adventure tourism.
  • We are not just sellers, we also welcome you right here in Canada, so we strive to include absolutely everything you really need for your raid without omitting anything (balaclava under helmet, air evacuation insurance , salary professional guide … . )
  • In the case of Nordic expeditions, we realize with large exploration efforts on the ground and respect Aboriginal interests .
  • Our prices are calculated to be certain that you will come back with a smile , and you leave with us if this is the price of guaranteed smile for all, the Best service.

Can we do a raid as two on one snowmobiles ?

If it is a raid in the pure definition of the term , no!

For a short trip up to 2 days with some caution and reserve , we are ready to offer you a duo tour. But keep in mind that the best aspect of this mode of transport can be considered only as single on the snowmobile . Indeed , the passenger can hardly anticipate bumps and holes , and provides an additional challenge to control . The passenger is less well protected against the cold.

It is not possible to go off trail duo .

And even if the duo option is often proposed as an economical choice , you may turn an expensive project that is a dream of a ” galley ” or experience in halftone slightly less expensive. We routinely refuse to provide this alternative if there is a risk that the adventure is not a total success.

Will I be in a group with other people?

Only in the case of our guaranteed departures and unique expeditions, and if and only if , your profile , your level, your expectations are consistent with the registered participants, so we will accept you regroup. If there is a risk otherwise , we prefer to organize another departure privatized for you.

I already went snowmobiling in powder once but it’s exhausting , how it happens when you can no longer move ?
Driving technique in powder is accessible to all people in shape, with or without experience of the snowmobile. Our raids are primarily driving courses for which we give you the “recipe” to progress quickly . While some find it difficult to progress , the fact of the position behind the group allows them to continue on a groomed or partially what makes many things surface.

How does the partial waiver for snowmobiling ?

The partial waiver reduces the amount of liability in case of breakage responsible ( one case involving your responsibility ) this amount allows for example to pass a deductible of $ 2,500 to $ 1,500. Beware of total waiver , selling sometimes often misleading, applicable only on very basic snowmobiles and disabled easily for repeated observations of the guide on your driving …

The case of fire and theft are well understood fully covered by our insurance.

The practice of off-road much less exposed to serious physical hazards . Just as physical risks.

How our luggage they follow our progress ?

Luggage “heavy” suitcase kind will be kept at the starting point and your belongings will accompany you in a waterproof bag specially designed on the back of your snowmobile during the raid . In some expeditions, these bags will be in sleds . In other cases they will follow by plane or 4X4 .



How do we do if there is no snow or not enough?

Our starting points are specially chosen to be very snowy , our Lodge log cabin is located in the mountains at the foot of the Laurentian mountains of Charlevoix . The snow has always allowed us to practice our snowmobile raids between December 20 and April 20 , which for the past 10 years. If that should occur we change the route to get the optimum conditions .

I’m afraid of being cold on the snowmobile ?

Snowmobiles and hot equipment that we offer you are particularly suitable for this sport in the regions most Borealis ( Northern true ) . It is rare that the participants have cold, it’s only the fingers and then it is the result of an oversight in the implementation of our tips well-being …

How do you do in case of an accident?

The fact that we do not ride ‘ motorways tourist ” greatly reduces the risk of accidents. But in terms of adventure risk 0 does not exist and we strive to make the best possible prevention. (Plan of risk prevention, emergency plan … )

The biggest risk is injury accident , which is why all our guides are certified in first aid in remote areas, they are able to communicate quickly with medical assistance and engage air and ground evacuation. In some cases the evacuation can be carried by air shipping , or Medic Air ( Air Ambulance) at a cost of about $ 29 Cdn . This insurance is highly recommended for some of our shipments.

My dates are not flexible , you can offer me a snowmobile trip ?

99% of our services are custom and your stay will be built based on the specifications that you will tell us .

A pregnant woman can she go snowmobiling ?

No, snowmobiling is especially recommended for pregnant women .

What is the minimum age to drive and be a passenger on the snowmobile ?

  • Piloting a snowmobile requires a valid driver’s license and a certificate of training ConduiPro for 16-18 residents of Quebec. The rules of the province of origin apply to Canadians outside Quebec.
    For Europeans, a Valid license and at least 18 years are required for guided tours and 21 years old for the rental.
  • To be passenger, there is no limiting age under provincial legislation in Quebec, however, for raids two days or more, we require a minimum age of 16 .
    For an introduction on half-day or full day , we recommend a minimum age of 9 years. A child passenger on a snowmobile must have their feet flat in contact with the steps, measure approximately 1.34 meters or 52 3/4 inches. He must be able to keep the upper body straight and also to firmly hold the handles in the rear seat and be seated in the back seat of the snowmobile.
    Note the outputs of one day or less, the parent is totally responsible for the maintenance of the child and should ensure that it is fully able to perform the activity and especially appreciate.

Can I go with you on an expedition to Labrador snowmobile or James Bay while I have no experience on a snowmobile ?

The destination is not important , it is a match between your physical and psychological profile , duration, and the period of winter that will allow you to raid one of these regions.

Then I come out to these expeditions with my own machine ?

Yes as it is appropriate and in a maintenance state that allows him to do this adventure without the risk of spoiling the experience.

How many people groups are formed?

Our treks and expeditions snowmobile consist of 1 to 8 participants per guide depending on the difficulty and distance from the raid. But in most cases , between 2 and 4 participants per guide / instructor.

What types of animals can you meet?

It depends on the type of region crossing.

In the Boreal Forest :

  • deer
  • moose
  • hundreds of species of birds
  • Lynx
  • Fox
  • Porcupine

In the Taiga :

  • caribou
  • otters
  • Wolves ( easier )

In the Tundra / ice :

  • Muskrat
  • Polar Bear
  • Caribou