Tools and gears for a Canadian snowmobile raid

Our equipements

Guided by professionals and experts of snowmobile, ex competitors and ex-winner, we will provide you the best equipments in order to enjoy your snowmobile adventure. Nord Expe renews each year a portion of its fleet of snowmobiles.
Enjoy a very good equipment, well maintained, and sometimes has additional equipment to the base model.

Our snowmobile fleet  BRP SKI-DOO

Owner of our ski-doo snowmobiles changed all the years or after a maximum of two winters, we provide you the top and the limited editions of the BRP ski-doo line, these are not rental sleds but snowmobile usually dedicated to owners, and are modified for our specific snowmobile trip and expeditions (additional tanks and racks, frame reinforcements, skid plates…).
These snowmobiles have always the eyes of one of our guides on, and rides only for our snowmobile guided tours.

The hybrids

skidoo backcountry 850cc Etec

Ski-doo MXZ Renagade Back Country 850etec

  • Able to bring you for your very first ride alone or twin, the Ski-doo MXZ Renagade Back Country 850etec model is an excellent snowmobile to learn with efficiency how to ride in the deep snow, its direct injection two stroke engine with 175hp is particularly smooth, no noisy and eco friendly.
skidoo Reegade Adrenaline 900 cc ACE

Ski-doo MXZ Renagade Adrenaline 900ACE

  • Able to bring you for your very first ride alone or twin, the Ski-doo MXZ Renagade Adrenaline 900ACE model is and excellent snowmobile to learn with efficiency how to ride in the mix deep and hard surfaceof snow, its four stroke engine with 90hp is the most eco-friendly of the industry.

Mountain snowmobiles

Ski-doo Freeride 850 Etec 154

  • For the toughest and roughest experts we have also some Ski-doo Freeride 850 Etec 154. with engines of 175hp and more, these sleds are fitted with the best in suspensions and shocks. Edited as limited, these snowmobiles usually dedicated to competitors are reserved for you as our expedition partners).

Expedition snowmobiles (with wide belt tracks)

Able to clear deeper snow path and carry heavy sledges

skidoo expedition LE 900 ACE

Ski-doo Expedition 900 ACE

  • In order to be able to match the difficulties of our expeditions, our team leaves with this kind of Ski-doo Expédition TUV XU 900 ACE. Fitted with wide tracks and moving back part, it is able to move back it is able to tow a light sled to carry our fuel. Its powerful and eco energetic 900 etec engine gives it a characters of a mountain snowmobile.


  • New in our fleet is the Polaris Titan, they are extreme expedition snowmobiles with their strong 800 etec two stroke injection engine that can give up to 170hp and supension able to challenge the great north.

Ski-doo Skandic 900 ACE

  • More efficient for the trial, this« Trial » le Ski-doo Skandic 600 HO etec  model is the ideal snowmobile for the challengers. Fit with the same spec as the last one this snowmobile has a full independent front suspension that gives it a particular ability for opening the trail of our toughest « Safaris » in sinuous parts. Now proposed with the best engine of the industry, it keeps a sport character, which the most experienced riders would appreciate.

Ski-doo Skandic Super Wide Track 900 ACE

  • True towing truck of the north this Ski-doo Skandic Super Wide Track 900 ACE is the snowmobile of all of our guides. Its tractor engine and its 24 inches wide track has no limit. It will tow the big sleds, and sometimes you… and will open the trail when nothing else could go.

Our Sleds

For the most far expeditions or when needed for logistics, our guides tow different size of racing sled, fit with rigid  UHMW pole it is overall very efficient and safe as we can forgot it. Even our expédition partners want to tow it.

For the navigation

  • All of our guides use Carto from line Garmin 378C.


  • Every snomowbile trip, raid or expedition leaves with a satellite phone and we own the two available nets (Irridium and Globalstar)
  • Our entire guide team has a satellite tracking device « SPOT » on its snowmobile. Rustic and ideal tool for rescue demand, it allows us the capacity to organise en route join up of different crews. It could give your daily news to your family via internet…
  • All of our guide are equipped with a collective first aid kit.

All of our guide are equipped with a collective first aid kit. For the Far Moving

  • When a road element is needed for an expedition in a remote region far north or when logistics need it during tours, cabin crew 4X4 brand new pick up could bring you and your equipments to : Manic V, Labrador city, Goose or James Bay.

Air Support for snowmobile expeditions

For these speecial missions, flew by former experienced fighter pilots, the aircraft used is the DHC-2 Beaver, real Jeep of the sky, here in VIP and on skis version.