Our quality chart for a luxury snowmobile raid

It is with taking into consideration the specificity in our snowmobile raids or expeditions guided in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada, and the extreme nature of some snowmobile expeditions or motorcycle enduro we offer, and also a strict aeronautical military culture, that we sought to join a Quality Label for tourism adventure.

The label Adventure Ecotourism Quebec represents to us the minimum to ensure our customers but our criteria go far beyond.

We do not want our charter to have a commercial aspect but we would still like to provide you with our personal charter for safety and control.

Our charter is in direct line with future developments of the Nord Expe and keep in line with respect to our quality charter.

Nord Expe involves the following :

On the subject of the information :

  •  We recommend adventurous activities which can be tailored to the participants’ skill level   as well as the suggested distance (e.g. no duo practice for long excursions, for distant   expeditions for beginners.)
  • Provide conditions for accessing activities – age, skill level, physical level- as well   administration – passport, visa, driver’s license.
  • Provide a list of equipment, clothing and personal accessories that is required for each   activity
  • Provide information relating to what is included in the agreement for each proposed trip   as well ad the conditions of sale (e.g. reservations, cancellations, deposits…).
  • Provide the details of the activity, to the level of comfort for accommodations, climate,   scenery, the nature of the land as well as the conditions of  the transfert
  • Provide beginners instructions to ensure the safety of the customers as well as other   individuals (e.g. clothing, safety and security, code of conduct during excursions)
  • Each participant must sign a form recognizing and accepting all risks associated with the   activities.

Equipment :

  • Supply suitable equipment for excursions (e.g. clothing, protection gear, properly sized   and in perfect condition)
  • Recent vehicles that are in perfect condition and suitable with regards to type and power   for the practiced excursions and supply the driver with new replacement parts for the   vehicle such as plugs and motor belt.
  • Technical equipment in sufficient quantity and appropriate for the far away regions (e.g.   mechanical kit, medicine kit…)
  • Navigation tools suitable for the guide (e.g. map, GPS, road book, emergency numbers,   satellite telephone…)

Guidelines :

  • To hire and work with guides only possessing the following criteria
  • Experience and expertise in snowmobiling
  • First Aid training equivalent to Red Cross
  • Training in survival in forest and cold weather
  • Training as an academic mechanic or autodidactic
  • Training in group leadership for excursions
  • To have the behaviour and lifestyle in perfect harmony with the quality of services provided   by Nord Expe
  • Respect the surroundings according to the level of difficulty and hike that is practiced (one   guide for a maximum eight snowmobiles outside the designated track except in particular   difficulty).

NB: Nord Expe is a referent company with the Ministry of Transport and Tourism, and applies the supervision ratios defined by the Commission of off road according to the table of difficulty in snowmobile expeditions :

  • A guide for maximum 8 snowmobile trail unless particular difficulty.
  • A guide for maximum 6 snowmobile off trail unless particular difficulty

Laws :

  • Have an insurance that suits to the potential risks of such an activity (out trails  snowmobile riding…)
  • Respect the laws and regulations in rely with tourism in Quebec and in Canada.

Environment preservation :

  • Have a real educational process to aware riders of the importance of the respect of the   crossed area, other users, residents, faun and flora.
  • Only use and rent vehicles which respect EPA label
  • Have an exemplary behaviour concerning (on that point, as an example, disregarding the   higher cost.

NB : Nord Expe is the only company in tourism to use exclusively two stroke oil of  very high quality built from Esther and not from petrol and biodegradable at more than  80% and with no extra emission of Carbon Dioxide.

As a partner of the SEPAQ Laurentides Wildlife Reserve, Nord Expe is proud to partake in the wildlife preservation awareness on the reserve’s territory for the sustainability of all snowmobile activities as well as the wildlife population and flora.