NORD EXPE Canada Snowmobile Raid with the Experts of the Far North

NORD EXPE  The Experts of the Far North

Authentic Snowmobile Adventures Maker in Canada

Through raids, tours and snowmobile expeditions in Canada for small groups, our company has a family size. Our team is primarily composed of human adventure and snowmobile enthusiasts. Together by friendship with a passion and a shared vision, we attach great importance to providing a personalized and customized service

Formerly an sports association called sleddercompany , NORD EXPE is now a Canadian Incorporated company “Adventure tourism and outdoor Maker”  with snowmobile and a member of the Tourism Association of the Quebec City, Duplessis North Coast, the James Bay region and Eeyou Istchee and Destination Labrador. Holder of a Canadian travel agent license # 900000, we also own our fleet of snowmobiles Specific for our raid and expeditions.

Nord Expe is one of the only adventure travel company specializing in raids and expeditions snowmobile involved in the real “Far North” of Canada. raids and expeditions snowmobile involved in the real “Far Northof Canada.

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