Preventive health measures in the context of snowmobile adventure activities

In accordance with the health guide for winter outdoor activities, our preventive measures aim to ensure the safety of all our participants while not affecting the quality of the experience.

-the risk recognition certificates are signed and sent electronically before the start of the activity

-customers are informed of the mandatory health rules during the electronic booking confirmation

-no accommodation frequented by participants who do not live under the same roof

-wearing a mask or balaclava under helmet inside in all times

-maintain minimum distance of 2 meters

-groups will be limited to 6 snowmobiles, the maximum guide ratio in zone 1 of 1 for 12 will be lowered to 1 for 6.

– a mention will be made on the risk recognition certificate in order to be able to be informed of a possible infection known after the activity in order to be able to quickly inform the customers who participated in the activity on the same day.

-clients are encouraged to bring their own winter gear and clothing


Welcome and customer journey:

-hand disinfection at the front door

-obligatory way to the counter with marks on the ground, maximum capacity in the reception area limited to 8 people maximum.

-hygiaphone at the counter

-pens quarantined if used, disinfection with ethyl alcohol and quarantine of 24 hours)

-each client will be provided with a hood under helmet that he will keep after the activity

-all equipment touched by customer (even only tested) will be disinfected with ethyl alcohol and dry steam followed by a 24 hour quarantine

-all equipment to be disinfected will be placed on a rack identified in red, after disinfection will be positioned on a rack identified in yellow, after quarantine will be placed on the racks identified in green

-all common areas will be disinfected (handles, sinks, chairs) every two hours with a document signed by the attendant

-the toilets will be disinfected after each use

-the safety briefing will take place outside if the group exceeds 4 people

-the video will be viewed seated at a distance of 2 meters with a hood on your head

-customer outfits will be placed on their nominative tables and chairs

-participants transit to the snowmobiles via the internal staircase


Course of the activity:

-each stop will be the subject of a reminder on the respect of barrier gestures

-participants sharing the same snowmobile must live under the same roof

-no change of snowmobile during the activity Return of the activity:

-disinfection of snowmobiles (seats and handles and consoles) with ethyl alcohol (exterior) or hot water and soap (interior)

-closure of the bar area, hot snacks will be taken in a seated position at the nominative table.

-reminder of the duty to inform Nord Expé in the event of infection within two weeks of the activity

-the certificates of recognition of risks classified per day will be kept 14 days after the activity.

-customer exit by compulsory way