Snowmobile Instruction and courses

Formations programs do exist in a predetermined format; it has to fit to the level and the number of student, that’s why you may contact us for more information.

The formation of internal trainer for businesses, with or without design tutorial is possible.

Courses for snowmobile professional users  (preventive, safety, riding , leading)

This course is built for guides, faun technicians, communication technicians who have to travel by snowmobile in and out of trails, sometimes in far region. It gives the skills to upgrade safety, quality and output.

The differents points met are :

  • check up, current maintenance
  • equipements
  • laws
  • out of trails riding
  • how to unstuck, in snow, slush
  • emergency repair, towing
  • management and leading of a sortie (briefing, leading)
Many companies using the snowmobile for business purposes have already adopted our label certifying their snowmobile operators under the preventive health and safety including: BORALEX, GOLDER Minerals, Laval University, Testing Center BRP SKI-DOO …

Survival courses

formation motoneige survie prévention sécurité

This course is made for everyone who have to travel in the woods in winter. The meeting points have as aim to give survival skills in order to give all the survival chance to people in bad luck during winter :

  • preparation, prevention
  • signalisation
  • calories management
  • shelters
  • fires on snow

Map, compass and GPS course

motoneige raid expédition Québec canada gps Garmin sur Skidoo pour hors piste Grand Nord avec Nord Expé

Course built for fishermens, hunters or professionnals who have to leave trails and get in the bush, it gives autonomy in ground navigation with or whithout GPS and meets the points :

  • geographic and UTM coordinates, the different geodesic referentials
  • orientation, the north, magnetic variation
  • cartography
  • altimetry
  • set up and using of a GPS
  • preparation and navigation with and without GPS

The teachers:

Th team regroup 5 snowmobile instructor guidesVHR grade IV, Francophons et English speakers leaded by Pierre CHALLIER :


Former Navigator on Mirage 2000 in the french air force, first aid course graduate, he practiced and organized numerous stages, courses and exercices in hostile territory for fighter aircraft crews.

Guide during far expeditions in the north, he knows how to manage a group in difficult situations.

As an instructor in flight navigation for younger pilots and navigators, during 15 years he likes to popularize this science for everybody.

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